Mae Jean Gregg's Portraits
Mae Jean Gregg's Portraits

Portraits in oil or pencil.

Mae Jean is pleased to welcome visitors to our beautiful in-home gallery in Atlantic Beach. A lifelong passion for painting faces and figures led to my extensive study of the Methods of the Masters. My years at a school of portrait painting in Florence, Italy have enhanced my ability to see a subject on a deeper level.  If the eyes are the windows of the soul, I seek and find the elusive spirit through those eyes.


In the tradition of Masters, such as Rembrandt and Velasquez, my palette for skin is confined to black, white, red, and yellow only.  This restriction serves to liberate me to express nuances and translucence of the complexion and illuminate the spirit of my live model more fully.  I strive to present my subject so as to display the soul to viewers for generations to come.

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The exhibition space at Mae Jean Portraits is cozy and welcoming, providing visitors with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the artwork currently on display.  Mae Jean believes that individuals will enjoy art and culture more in their daily lives if they can learn the fundamentals of doing it themselves.

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